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“Is Google going too far with SERP features and stealing clicks?”

Google Search Engine Result Page

Google Search Engine Result Pages
That was the exact title of a Twitter Space hosted yesterday by Semrush with Aleyda Solís as a Co-Speaker. I was really impressed with the open-mindedness of Andrew C., the co-host

The truth is, even as a professional in the Content Marketing field, I believe we expect too much from Google.

We enjoy a free flow of traffic from Google Search, hence, we forget the Search Engine also has to maintain its ultimate goal; to answer search queries seamlessly.

It all began with the AMP (which I don’t quite approve of, ’cause at a point, Google played the favouritism game). I’m glad they came to the realization and eventually withdrew the competitive edge.

The Google Knowledge Graph was the development that broke the camel’s back for many web content creators. With the Google Snippet, you already have the information you need without clicking through the website link. Song Lyrics websites and the likes suffered the most from this Google search innovation.

Google Featured Snippet
Google Featured Snippet

Even Genius, the popular music lyrics platform had to drag Google over this, calling it an infringement. Mehn! I understand it could really hurt to fall from huge search traffic, but honestly, there is nothing unfair about it.

Inasmuch as Google Search depends on Publishers’ content, the end-users (Google Search users) still remain the priority. The search giant will continue to introduce simplified ways of serving its users.

Do not be dismayed, Google isn’t stealing your traffic. After all, nothing is absolutely free on the internet. At that, that’s even a token to part with.

Keep striving! Google is not your enemy!

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