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Reduce bounce rate on website Wordpress

How To Reduce Bounce Rate On Your Website

First, what is Bounce Rate? For starters wondering what Bounce Rate is. it is actually the rate at which visitors exit your website returning back to the source that brought them. In other words, it is the rate at which a user leaves your website upon landing. The rate is usually measured in percentage (by

Google Algorithm Update June 2018

Google Algorithm Update June 2018: Google Gives More Attention To Video Content

Google Search has rolled out a new update this June in its algorithm and it appears to favour video contents. Google Algorithm Update June 2018 The Search Giant has come to the understanding that visual is the interest of most users of late and they have adjusted in their latest update to improve the result

Outbound Links and SEO

Should I Use Outbound Link (Open Link In New Tab) In My Post?

This is one major challenge for many bloggers and content curators out there – understanding the idea of linking in posts. The question is – does outbound (external linking) cause more harm or benefit to your SEO? Before you get the answer, I’ll like to put you through the most vital component of SEO which

Starter Pack: Simple SEO Techniques For Blogs 1

Yesterday was actually another moment of explosion as my twitter handle @woldezzy blew up with lots of notifications after my series of tweets on Web solutions. Im still quite amazed that a lot of bloggers and content marketers are not aware of the usefulness of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) One even had to ask me

Introducing: Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) And Effects On SEO

It’s no longer news that blog and content sites are not tapping into the new Google optimized mobile display known as “Accelerated Mobile Pages” (AMP). By now, you should know if your website is not responsive or mobile friendly, you will be missing out of search engine traffic. You stuck on this? Don’t sweat it,