Starter Pack: Simple SEO Techniques For Blogs 1

Yesterday was actually another moment of explosion as my twitter handle @woldezzy blew up with lots of notifications after my series of tweets on Web solutions.

Im still quite amazed that a lot of bloggers and content marketers are not aware of the usefulness of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) One even had to ask me the meaning of SEO.

Well, this has prompt me do develop a starter pack on how to can set your blog SEO yourself. Yeah! yourself. By following my simple practical techniques, it will benefit youe website a whole lot.

First, after setting up a blog or website, the prerequisite will include Search Engine Webmasters. Meaning you submit your websites to search engines as the owner. The basic search engines available for this include Google, Bing also Pinterest is another platform worth notifying.

For those using Google Blogger as their CMS, since you signed up with your Google account, you are seen as the administrative owner of the website, so no further verification is need, you can also integrate your blog with Google Analytics.

For those on WordPress CMS, you can use the plugin All Meta Tags to paste your meta codes.

Then you can sign up at Google Webmaster, Bing Webmaster and Pinterest.

You can paste the meta details obtained from the sites in your meta header and make sure they remain there to avoid losing track.

In the next chapter, will explain what you should track.

Introducing: Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) And Effects On SEO


It’s no longer news that blog and content sites are not tapping into the new Google optimized mobile display known as “Accelerated Mobile Pages” (AMP).

By now, you should know if your website is not responsive or mobile friendly, you will be missing out of search engine traffic. You stuck on this? Don’t sweat it, the new AMP version can be served to your visitors and the good news is; not mobile site can be more optimized than the AMP Version.

For WordPress sites, you can install the AMP WordPress Plugin. However, this plugin is not all that is needed, you will need another installation, AMP for WP which will serve the optimized theme to your visitors

PS: AMP is only served to visitors from search engine.