A Marketing Executive in Tech

Wole Oduwole is an entrepeneur renowned in the African Tech space for his expertise in Product Marketing and SEO. With over 12 years of experience, ‘Wole has scaled a good number of tech startups with his Growth Marketing techniques

SEO | Growth | Startups

A TechPreneur with a solid drive

With SEOGidi, Wole Oduwole is building a next-gen SEO platform powered with AI to make marketing easy and seamless for startups and companies.

Growth Marketing

A proven track record in growth marketing, successfully scaling businesses through innovative strategies and targeted campaigns.


Excels in search engine optimization, enhancing website visibility and organic traffic through meticulous keyword research and on-page optimization techniques.

Market Research

With extensive experience in market research, Wole Oduwole provides deep insights and analyses that drive informed decision-making and effective marketing strategies.

Data Analysis

Wole Oduwole is skilled in data analysis, leveraging data-driven insights to optimize marketing efforts and measure campaign performance accurately.

Product Marketing

As an expert in product marketing, Wole Oduwole develops compelling narratives and marketing strategies that highlight product value and drive customer engagement.

Agile Project Management

Wole Oduwole’s expertise in product management ensures seamless coordination between business stakeholders and technical teams, leading to successful product launches and continuous improvement.

A glorifying wealth of experience

Oduwole’s experience is illustrious and it’s cut across various multinational tech companies in the world


  • Collaborated with Google to launch major products in Africa.
  • Developed algorithm for YouTube Music in Nigeria
  • Managed iteration for Google Maps in Nigeria

Trained 1000+

  • Trained over 1000 in SEO
  • Spoke at over a score of Digital Marketing events
  • Regarded as the #1 SEO Expert in Nigeria

“’Wole knows his onions when it comes to SEO & Growth strategies, he’s the only one that comes to mind”

Gabriel Olatunji-Legend

Co-Founder/CMO, Afrilearn

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