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‘What’s Life Without Data?’ – Airtel Fires Shots At Glo, Others

If you’ve not seen the Airtel recent video advert, you might not know what I’m talking about.

The one-minute video has got many talking on the social media. The character in the ad was played by Gabriel Afolayan whose tremendous talent as an actor was really put to play.

Titled “Life Without Data“, the video has been said many to be a diss to Glo Network and others who always boast of large volume of data at low cost, however not accessible due to poor internet service.

Glo is seen as the main target in this new promotional video ’cause many have been complaining about the network lately.

Well, probably because of the overload data offer, they are finding it quite difficult to deliver even a fair stable internet service.

The other i subscribed to N5,000 for 24GB, I had to opt to other internet provider as i couldn’t even enjoy it for 10 minutes.

Our question: Glo is it by force?

We don’t want awoof, we want stable and reliable internet service. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Well, Airtel a.k.a The Smartphone network is fast becoming the best alternative for internet users. Guess they knew this and decided to sub Glo and rest on a lowkey with that video.

Una try shaa!

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