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Content Ideas for COVID-19 Lockdown

Do You Have Content Ideas For The COVID-19 Lockdown? If Not, Check This

If you don’t know this, the lockdown will do a lot of good to content writers and bloggers as there are vast audiences ready to feed on your content, so are you dishing them out already?

Right now, I’ll walk you through content ideas for this rare period of Lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic that is ravaging the entire world right now. It’s no longer news that many nations have announced total lockdown while a few are yet to declare it. The big question is – WHERE DOES THAT PLACE YOUR JOB AS A BLOGGER OR CONTENT CREATOR?

These following steps will help you to figure out fantastic web content ideas for the lockdown period;

  1. DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) POSTS: this period means different things to different people, however, you can’t erase the fact that many people will want to reflect eventually on what they have gained from the lockdown which brings us to how you can teach those things you’ve always wanted.You can rest assured that many people are ready to learn one thing or the other. Either fashion tips, makeup tips, or whatever knowledge it is, create content around it and publish. DIY posts are recently performing over 100% of the usual performance.
    DIY posts out-perform all existing posts within the first day of publication
    DIY posts out-perform all existing posts within the first day of publication


  2. Go Live on your Social Media pages: Okay, we’ve seen how much time internet users on spending on social media watching a video or live broadcast. Now is the time to go ranting about those crazy thoughts of yours as you can be sure of getting a decent audience binging on your visuals.
    Ubi Franklin of TripleMG goes live on Instagram interviewing successful peole and making them share their stories
    Ubi Franklin of TripleMG goes live on Instagram interviewing successful people and making them share their stories || Photo Credit: @ubifranklintriplemg InstagramĀ 



  3. Organize online classes: this is always an avenue for content creators to get value for their knowledge and as it stands, there are many idle brains waiting to assimilate meaningful knowledge, so why not roll out a class today to sell that valuable knowledge of yours.
    Start online class
    Start online class


  4. Conduct interviews; one good thing about this period of lockdown is that the usual busy people are now less busy and for content creators, it could be challenging tailing successful business people. And the good news – you could actually shoot your shot now! Chances that they will grant you audience for interviews are on the high side, grab the opportunity now, and scoop good content out of them.
    One on one interview
    One on one interview || Photo credit: jarushub,com


  5. Make interactive posts: if there is something you should fully utilize at this period of lockdown, it’s your audience availability. You should understand that at this time, you have their full attention – so go ahead and make interactive posts, get their opinions and feedback. You can as well relate your content to the contemporary issues in your immediate environment.

    Create an Interactive content for your audience
    Create an Interactive content for your audience

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